In the campsite supermarket you will find everything you need! We have all sorts of camping gear and food: bakery, butchers, greengrocers, baked, roasted chickens, international press, gas … Our supermarket, with its 300m ², has a wide range of camping accessories and generic products that will meet all your needs: Food (butchers, greengrocers, bakery / confectionery, beverages, takeaways), drug store and personal hygiene, Spanish and international press, hardware, gas, toys and inflatables, camping articles (BEAVER ultralight stoves, barbecues, modern aluminum tables, etc…), clothing, footwear and souvenirs. WITHOUT leaving the camping facilities you will find everything you need.

Open every day in uninterrupted hours from 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. all year, including holidays. Take away food.

Nutrition, drug store and drinks

All nutrition, beverage and household products that you might need! WHITE LABEL and LEADING BRANDS. Also, a wide range of English, German and Dutch products. In the drugstore you will find all kinds of products, from basic hygiene items to cosmetics and beauty tools.

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Everything you will need for your barbeque or your daily meal. Cut beef (sirloin, ribeye, ribs), pork, chicken, lamb, sausages, hamburgers, minced meat and sausage kebabs.


Given the lack of storage space in caravans we offer you the opportunity to purchase your daily fruit in any quantity. Wide selection of seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Roasted chicken and take-away

Are you on vacation? Take a break by booking your food in advance at the supermarket.

You can pick up the following dishes:

  • Roasted chickens
  • French fries and chips deluxe
  • Oven roasted potatoes
  • Nuggets
  • Fish sticks
  • Surimi
  • Croquettes
  • Russian salad, surimi salad, garlic potatoes

Sale of gas and stoves

We sell and buy bottles of:

  • Camping gas (small and big)
  • 6kg. bottles Repsol

Sale of single use recharge:

  • CP250, CV206, CV410

We sell GAS REFILLS (to purchase these bottles, we provide you with information on contracts and revisions):

  • Repsol bottle butane / propane
  • Cepsa bottle butane / propane

Portable cooking facility with or without installation:

  • Butsir
  • Camping gas
  • Induction Hob
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